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Our main material is 18K gold plated, which, of course, incorporates a blend of 25% additional metals such as copper and zinc to achieve the perfect composition. This composition makes it suitable for everyday wear and provides an economical option, allowing you to choose the quantity that suits you, even if you're working within a budget.

Our collection is designed for universal wear, catering to all individuals. We offer understated and elegant jewelry that accentuates your finest qualities, ensuring you radiate confidence daily. Our pieces are intended to enhance your ensemble, and through collaboration with our fashion specialists, we curate exclusive and captivating jewelry selections directly sourced from the manufacturer.


It is advisable to refrain from wearing any form of jewelry when engaging in activities involving chemicals or strenuous tasks. It's a good idea to remove your rings, especially in the following situations:

1. **Home Cleaning:** The chemicals used during cleaning can potentially damage both the metal and gemstones of your jewelry.

2. **Participating in Sports:** This is especially important in contact sports or while working out at the gym. Activities involving physical impact can risk damaging your jewelry and even pose a safety hazard.

3. **Swimming:** Whether in a chlorinated pool or in the sea, water exposure can weaken the integrity of gold. Additionally, cold water might cause your ring to slip off easily.

4. **Skincare Routine:** The moisturizers used in your skincare routine can create a greasy residue on both metal and gemstones, gradually dulling their brilliance over time.

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